Moncler Genius Launches AR-Enhanced Book

A number of new products are coming to market that feature augmented reality (AR) enhancements, with items such as toys, robots and globes being created with AR features that can create an immersive environment or characters and display additional information. Moncler have announced the launch of a AR-enhanced book which can provide 3D immersive experiences.

Moncler is primarily known as a seller of outerwear, such as jackets. Earlier this year, the company presented the Moncler Genius project, which hoped to establish a dialogue with customers and add new concepts and ideas to the Moncler brand with eight different designer collection.

The AR book was created to bring further insight into the Moncler Genius project, featuring all eight of the designer collections, including Pierpaolo Piccioli, Kei Ninomiya, Craig Green, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Palm Angels and Simone Rocha. The book is described as being aimed at people who are interested in fashion, innovation and new experiences.

By using the Moncler Genius AR Lens, readers can reveal 10 AR interpretations which are shown through eight different designer chapters, centerfold and cover. Each of tese show a 3D environment. The AR app can show effects such as the book freezing over, or bursting into flames, all based on the themes of each designer collection.

Anita Fontaine and Geoffrey Lillemon, Creative Directors of W+K Amsterdam’s Department of New Realities, say: “There is an exploration motive when looking through a beautiful coffee table book, and we wanted to retain this essence of discovery with augmented reality, where users are seeking special pages in a book that are magically brought to life with the Moncler Genius AR Lens app. AR presents atmosphere and environment; and 3D display of product has a need for a new kind of representation. Lifting from the flat pages of the book format, 3D environments create an awe-inspiring immersion for the reader.”

The Moncler Genius book is published by Rizzoli and created in partnership with New Realities and REWIND. The AR elements can be accessed using the Moncler Genius AR Lens app, available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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