Marvel Powers United VR Update Adds New Objective, Enemies and Finesse

If there was one virtual reality (VR) videogame this year that fell flat after all of its hype then Marvel Powers United VR would have to be the main contender. Since its summer launch Sanzaru Games and Oculus Studios have released updates to address player complaints and this week has seen a second large patch released to add further improvements.

Marvel Powers United VR

Detailed on Sanzaru Games’ Discord server, this new patch adds a new objective called the A.I.M. Signal Jammer for players to deal with alongside two new enemy types, the A.I.M. Seeker and A.I.M. Turret. The former is a new flying enemy unit while the latter is a stationary assault turret.

In addition to these the studio’s have included further polish to the overall experience and ironed out a lot of bugs.

The changelog also details what to expect in the third patch, with the main inclusion being a new objective phase called Planetary Assault.

Marvel Powers United VR

Check out the full list of notes below, and head over to VRFocus’ review of Marvel Powers United VR to see what we thought of the much anticipated title. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

Marvel Powers United VR Patch 2 notes:
A.I.M. Signal Jammer
– Random objective that occurs during the Shield Generator phase.
– A.I.M. Signal Jammers deploy blocking players from using Ultimates, reviving other players, or picking up power cells.
– Usually occurs during boss spawn event.
– Players will receive text and VO notification that Signal Jammers are active and are blocking abilities.
– When trying to use a blocked ability like an Ultimate, players will receive a notification the ability is jammed.
– Players will have a tracker prompt on their HUD showing how many Signal Jammers are active. They will need to destroy all of them to recover their abilities.
– Once all Signal Jammers are destroyed, Ultimates/Revives and power cells are once again accessible and progress should continue for the rest of the match.
– If all players are downed with Signal Jammers active this is a fail condition and results in the loss of the match.
A.I.M. Seeker
– The A.I.M. Seeker is a new flying enemy unit type. It will target a player objective like the S.H.I.E.L.D. Relay Towers or S.H.I.E.L.D. Generator and then launch itself at it, detonating on impact.
– A.I.M. Seekers have a higher HP value than the A.I.M. Hunter so it will take a few hits to destroy.
A.I.M. Turret
– The A.I.M. Turret is a stationary assault turret that targets players and player objectives. It teleports in and automatically begins firing on players when they are detected or objectives like the relay towers or generator.
– The A.I.M. Turret has a higher HP value than an A.I.M. Hunter so it will take a few hits to destroy.
– Beginner mode is accessible in multiplayer. This can be set by the host. Beginner mode = no fail state on losing relays / player and objective health buffs.
– Kick player options are accessible to the host. This can be accessed by the host.
– Secondary objectives are worth more points.
– Reworked single player and matchmaking shortcut descriptions in Alpha Flight station to be more accurate.
– Boss ultimate range is dynamic.
– Reworked enemy spawn waves for greater variety.
– The amount of relays needed to advance to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Generator is now randomized.
– The amount of power cells needed to activate the S.H.I.E.L.D. Generator is now randomized.
– Various tuning adjustments.
MARVEL Powers United Patch 3 Preview: 
NEW OBJECTIVE PHASE – Planetary Assault 
– A new randomly triggered objective.
– Work together as a team and activate the S.H.I.E.L.D. cannons to destroy encircling A.I.M. Frigates before they unleash a planetary strike.
– Ongoing tuning to bosses and heroes.
– Ongoing bug fixes.
– Continued wave iterations to add more variety in enemy setups.
– Improved VOIP function and sound quality.