Magic Leap Release ‘Getting Started’ Video For Magic Leap One Creator Edition

Magic Leap have released a new video that is designed to help owners of the Magic Leap One Creator Edition mixed reality (MR) headset get set up and started. The journey into MR is a grand one but before users can begin experiencing the magic of the new reality it is important to ensure everything is set up correctly to allow for a smooth ride.

Magic Leap One Reveal

The video has been released as part of the Magic Leap Care section of the product website which acts as both a support page and resource center. Users will be able to find several articles that explore different topics and help them trouble shoot any problems they might run into. Then again, by following the below video and steps users are more likely to have a trouble free experience.

One of the first things that the video points out is the requirements of the environment to be able to use the Magic Leap One. This means indoor use with normal lighting conditions and users are advised to use it in a room with as few windows and mirrors as possible along with as few black surfaces as possible. Avoiding direct sunlight as well will also help applications and experiences to more accurately interest with the environment.

Magic Leap One

By far the most important part of the set up process is ensuring that the headset fits comfortable and securely. Inside the Magic Leap One box users will find a fit kit that has pads that can be put onto the headset to ensure a more suitable fit. When turning on the device for the first time an initial set up will be played that users will walk through and they may be promoted to use the fit kit. The headset goes on from the back first with the back half able to open up to allow for the users head to fit in easily.

Next up is the Lightpack. Before putting on the headset the Lightpack should be placed on the users pocket before hand. Don’t place it in your pocket as this might prevent air flow and it should clip into place when it is secure. Following all of this users will then need to pair their control with the Lightpack and the Lightwear before running a calibration software to ensure the fit and pairing has gone smoothly. Additionally, should you need to wear glasses, make sure to do and insertable lens for glasses users will be made available in the future as well for a more comfortable and nature fit.

You can see the full video below for a complete visual walk through and for more on Magic Leap in the future, keep reading VRFocus.