Life In 360°: Lone Again, Naturally

So, last week saw our last major stop this year disappear off into 2018’s rear-view mirror. Oculus Connect 5 (OC5) has come and it has most certainly gone, but we also saw an end to our plans to think about this year’s PlayStation Experience come to abrupt end. When Sony suddenly turned around at the end of last week and announced that there isn’t going to be one.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoWell…

That frees some time up for us at any rate, I guess.

Still since we don’t have that to look forward to in the future (not that we’re exactly shy of PlayStation VR news at present) let’s take a little look back at OC5 because there was one item that we should probably take note of.

Day 1 saw the announcement of Lone Echo II, sequel to Ready At Dawn’s extremely popular title, one that has since spawned a franchise that even touches on virtual reality (VR) eSports. The first title saw a mysterious spatial anomaly cause mystery and trouble of Live and Jack, residents of the Kronos II mining facility. Unfortunately for the pair, their situation hasn’t improved much in the sequel. Especially, it seems, for Jack.

“Jack and Liv are back in Lone Echo II. Return to the rings of Saturn in this highly-anticipated sequel, to unravel the mysteries of Lone Echo and journey deeper into space – past the very boundaries of time itself.”

Say Ready At Dawn, who as well as releasing a standard trailer (which we featured at the time) they also happened to release a 360 degree trailer as well which rather snuck under the radar a bit in comparison. So, since we don’t see that many 360 trailers at events like this let’s correct that and feature it now.