Kite & Lightning Showcase new Items and Battle Mechanics for Bebylon: Battle Royale

Kite & Lightning has been developing Bebylon: Battle Royale for some time now thanks to the team securing a substantial $2.5 million USD investment back in 2016, allowing them to experiment and hone the experience. This week saw the studio release one of its regular devlog’s, highlighting battle mechanics, new items, and revealing the team will be at TwitchCon with an early build.

If you’ve been keeping up with VRFocus’ coverage of Bebylon: Battle Royale then you’ll know the title is a comedic take on the battle royale genre, involving babies inside vehicles that just so happen to have giant fists attached. While the aim of each match is to win, Kite & Lightning want to create as much of a spectacle as possible offering players the chance to really showboat.

So for this Devlog the studio focuses on Combat Basics part 2, humiliation and taunting. First off, humiliation. Why pummel an opponent into the ground if you’re not doing it with a little style and panache. Bebylon: Battle Royale allows you whip out some insulting gestures, special attacks, or simply taunting them for fun. However, taunting is far more subtle in the videogame than you might expect. Attacks have a built-in risk/reward directly tied to taunting, So players need balance their fighting skill with taunting for maximum effect.

Then there are the new items. With some wonderful names like Devil’s Slave, Cry to Mummy, Lust Bomb, Bitchplosion, Dyna Mugging and Pimp Supremacy, these are still in the experimental stage so all of them may not make the final cut alongside the cluster bombs, cupids arrows, and poisons the team have in store.

Bebylon Battle Royale

And for those heading to TwitchCon later this week in San Jose, California, Bebylon: Battle Royale will be there as an early build for attendees to try. Head over to booth #1542 to check it out, plus Kite & Lightning will have its facial capture set-up running to turn guests into Bebylonian characters.

There’s still no firm date on when Bebylon: Battle Royale will launch, when the happens VRFocus will let you know.