Jarvish Reveals More Details on AR Smart Helmet

If you ride a motorcycle and have ever wanted a detailed augmented reality (AR) heads-up display like the one used by Iron Man in the Marvel movies, then Taiwanese company Jarvish are here to deliver. The company have revealed some further details on its upcoming Jarvish X and Jarvish X-AR motorcycle smart helmets.

The two helmets are certainly considered to be on the higher end of the market, but both come equipped with a range of features that are designed to offer both safety and quality-of-life features for riders.

The Jarvish X is the simpler of the two, having integrated microphones and speakers which can interface with smart assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant on Alexa so users can use vocal control for things such as accessing directions, weather updates and controlling music. The helmet also includes a 2K front-facing camera so the journey can be recorded.

The Jarvish X-AR helmet is the more sophisticated of the two helmets, which offers the same features as the Jarvish X, with the addition of an AR display, which can show details such as current speed, turn-by-turn directions, weather information, incoming phone calls and a video feed that acts like a rear-view mirror.

It was previously reported that the helmets come with 16GB of built-in storage, which can be expanded up to 256GB by using memory cards. Bluetooth and WiFi is also integrated to allow users to pair the helmet with smartphones.

The Jarvish X is set to cost $799 (USD), and is planned to be part of a Kickstarter in January 2019. The addition of AR technology means the Jarvish X-AR is considerably more expensive, at $2,599. The Jarvish X-AR is not planned for release until a Kickstarter is launched in the second half of 2019.

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