It’s Helloween in Seeking Dawn’s Free to Play Edition

Multiverse Entertainment’s Seeking Dawn arrived earlier this summer with the intention of offering a massive sci-fi adventure for virtual reality (VR) players. While in parts it excelled in other areas it fell short of the grand design, so in the following months the studio has released a swath of updates to finesse the experience. Today, the team has made quite a surprising announcement, a new version of the title for players to try for free, Seeking Dawn: Free to Play Edition.

Seeking Dawn

Seeking Dawn: Free to Play Edition is a cut back version of the main title, designed to give you a taster of the main event. Crucial features are still in play, so you can enjoy it solo or participate in co-op and multiplayer modes.

“The focus of this version, and specifically this theme, is to get players to team up and explore a hostile planet plagued by some of the scariest monsters we’ve seen yet,” said Multiverse in an email. “As they progress through the levels they will encounter many odes to Halloween, including extremely hostile predators, jump scares, and ruthless enemies unlike anything we’ve shown so far.”

That’s right, with it being Halloween season Multiverse Entertainment has embraced the spooky side. So the very first level of Seeking Dawn has been decked out in Halloween revelry – as you can see from these screenshots – with glowing pumpkins and ghoulish surprises strewn across the landscape.

Seeking Dawn

Seeking Dawn: Free to Play Edition will also see several other additions including the difficulty level being increase – much better for co-op play – the introduction of treasure boxes to find, new lobby settings if you’d like to just play with friends, you can lock it as the private room before jumping into the videogame itself plus a friendly fire option. And to top it all off, the general atmosphere and feel of the title is darker than the original.

Seeking Dawn: Free to Play Edition will be available via Steam from 1st November 2018. If you like the free version and want to go in depth with Seeking Dawn then Multiverse Entertainment is running a limited time discount for the title. From 29th October, 1am PT until 1st November there will be a 25 percent discount on Steam. Oculus Store gets a little longer with the 25 percent discount running from 26th October to 2nd November. For any further updates on Seeking Dawn keep reading VRFocus.