HTC Vive Look To Recreate Ready Player One’s The Oasis in VR

One of the more high-profile depictions of virtual reality (VR) recently was The Oasis depicted in Ready Player One, both the book and the Steven Spielberg film. In Ready Player One, The Oasis is an all-encompassing VR simulation where people can enjoy a huge range of experiences, from going to school to exotic fantasy or science fiction adventures. HTC Vive say they are attempting to make this idea a reality with a project called Planet Ludus.

During a presentation at the Raindance Immersive Stories Summit, representatives from HTC Vive took to the stage to explain that the company was in the process of attempting to create a version of The Oasis from Ready Player One, which will act as a container for a range of VR experiences.

The project, known as Planet Ludus, will initially offer between 5-10 hours of VR experiences. HTC Vive is actively seeking other VR experiences of high quality to add to Planet Ludus. Four VR experiences are said to be already included in Planet Ludus, including Operation Apex, a journey into the depths of the ocean to explore the complex ecosystems of the sea and Amazon Odyssey, which takes users on a trip into the Amazon Rainforest.

Planet Ludus is said to be planned for a launch later this month, which will include an update that will quadruple the content currently included, which will bring in videogames as well as 360-degree experiences.

Currently little other information is available, but HTC Vive’s involvement suggests it will be available on that headset and on Viveport, since HTC Vive say that they have created the framework for the content to be hosted on. It is unknown if Planet Ludus is planned for any other VR headset, or what the price point will be.

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