Hands On With the Angry Birds on Magic Leap

Magic Leap has received a great of attention and funding over the time its product has been in development, with many people keen to see what the company could produce that could change the paradigm of augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). The team from VRFocus managed to get hands on with one of the first major videogame releases on the Magic Leap One.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular and successful smartphone titles, and Nina Salomons of VRFocus reports how well it has survived the transition into MR.

Angry Birds: First Person Slingshot

Firstly, Nina reports on the Magic Leap headset itself, “Its quite complicated to put on. There is an extension mechanism at the back, but when you have log hair, it keeps sliding off. I had to put my hair in a bun. Plus, women’s clothes don’t have pockets, so there was nowhere for the batteries needed for the headset to run.”

“You all know the game of Angry Birds,” Nina begins, “This was Resolution Games working together with Rovio who own the IP of Angry Birds. This was a perfect match, as Resolution Games have done a lot of work in virtual reality (VR) and are very interested in the emerging space of mixed reality.”

“Playing Angry Birds on the Magic Leap headset was a lot of fun,” Nina enthuses, “On the coffee table there were these obstacles with the green little pigs, and the pigs reacted to where you were, so they understood where I was and they were taunting me.”

“These are three-dimensional digital objects on your coffee table in real life, but the way the spacial awareness is laid out, without the trajectory lines makes it a little bit trickier.” Nina said, commenting on how difficult the MR version is compared to the smartphone equivalent.

Angry Birds: First Person Slingshot

The full hands-on video can be viewed below. For future coverage on the Magic Leap One and other VR and MR devices, keep checking back with VRFocus.