Hands On with Dead and Buried Arena

Though virtual reality (VR) is steadily growing in popularity among consumers, the expense of the hardware needed keeps it out of reach of many who might otherwise enjoy experiencing VR. In response to this, the number of location-based VR centres has increased hugely in recent months, with an accompanying increase in the videogames created for a larger-scale location-based VR experience.

As part of the showcase for what the newly released standalone headset the Oculus Quest could do, a demonstration area was set up at Oculus Connect 5 where up to six people could use Oculus quest headsets to play a location-based version of first-person shooter Dead and Buried, known simply as Dead and Buried Arena.

Dead and buried image 1

Some of the team from vRFocus, including Nina Salomons got to go hands-on with this experience and report their findings.

Dead and Buried was originally launched on the Oculus Rift and was one of several titles to be launched alongside the Oculus Touch controllers, as part of a showcase of what the motion controller could do.

Dead and Buried is described as a kind of barroom shoot-out in VR, where teams of two players fight to the death. Armed with a range of pistols, shotguns and even grenade launchers, players need to make clever use of cover and time shots carefully in order to take out opponents and make it out alive.

The arena in use at Oculus Connect 5 used physical props to demonstrate what areas could be used as cover, so users had to duck down behind pillars and pop up to take a few shots before retreating again, making good use of the free-roam aspect of the arena part of Dead and Buried Arena.

Dead and buried image 2

“Suddenly we were in a fantasy wild-west shooter environment. In the real-world environment there were boxes, there were obstacles in the game.” Nina explains.

The full video is available to view below. For further coverage on Oculus Quest, keep checking back with VRFocus.