Gun Club VR Coming Soon to PlayStation VR

After seeing successful launches on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive a few months ago, Gun Club VR by The Binary Mill is finally making its way to PlayStation VR, with a Fall/ Winter 2018 release window now confirmed.

Gun Club VR

Unlike titles such as Evasion, Firewall Zero Hour or Farpoint where you have giant locations to explore, multiple strategy elements to employ and all manner of hostiles to dispatch, Gun Club VR dispenses with all these frivolities, whittling down the first-person shooter (FPS) experience into pure target practice.

The Binary Mill has focused on a highly realistic design and gameplay mechanics, allowing players to test their shooting skills across a range of scenarios which even include a few zombies along the way. All the weapons are highly detailed, with players able to handle, load, cock and fire them just like the real deal. They’ve been developed to provide real-world ballistics so you can select burst or full auto depending on preference.

Pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles and grenade launchers are all available. These can all be customised in various ways, with stocks and scopes, extended mags and laser sights just a few of the modifications available.

Gun Club VR

You don’t get access to everything at once however, you need to earn those upgrades on the range. Completing scenarios  including hostage rescue and sniper events will earn you cash to spend on new toys. These in turn can help improve your rank for even more unlockables. There’s even an Allied themed range bringing the historic theatre of World War II right into the Gun Club VR experience.

As 2018 will soon be drawing to a close Gun Club VR can’t be that far away from landing on PlayStation VR. When the studio confirms a more specific date VRFocus will let you know.