Ground Runner: Trials Speeds out of Early Access

For those of you who are fans of racing titles and first-person shooters (FPS) indie developer Astrofish Games’ debut virtual reality (VR) Ground Runner: Trails might well be what you’re looking for. Set in a futuristic sci-fi universe that’s developed hoverbikes, the title has recently left Steam Early Access after originally debuting on Oculus Store last year.  

Ground Runner Trials

A purely single-player experience. Ground Runner: Trials puts you in the shoes of a scavenger, whose job is to scour a mining planet on a technologically advanced hoverbike, searching for the extremely powerful and sought after Torsion Crystals, all while being relentlessly hunted.

Gameplay is twofold. Firstly using Oculus Rift’s or HTC Vive motion controllers you have full control over the bike to fly, strafe and rocket around the arid environment looking for these crystals. Secondly, using your other hand you need to protect yourself with a range of weaponry such as the Electro-Pulse, Rocket Launcher and Beam Cannon – some of which need to be dual-wielded.

With multiple large-scale maps to traverse players will find there’s a mixture of gameplay modes, with eight solo missions, and a free-roam arcade mode. As you race around collecting supplies you’ll then be able to convert the loot into credits with which to upgrade your ride. Credits can be used to improve a bikes thrust, handling and power.

Ground Runner Trials

Due to the frantic, undulating nature of the gameplay Astrofish Games has included a comfort mode to ensure the experience can be enjoyed by all. Comfort Mode can be adjusted in the settings to ensure players have the most immersive and enjoyable experience, this includes adjusting the dynamic field of view during acceleration and collisions.

Supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Ground Runner: Trials is available now through Steam for £15.49 GBP or £14.99 via Oculus Store. For any further updates from Astrofish Games keep reading VRFocus.