God of War Creator David Jaffe Is Interested in Making VR Horror

David Jaffe is known to videogame fans as the creator behind both Twisted Metal and the God of War franchise. Recently, Jaffe spoke to Cary Barlog, who acted as writer and director of the most recent God of War title, and they discuss a number of subjects, including virtual reality (VR).

Barlog and Jaffe discuss the recent God of War release and its overwhelming success and critical reception. The two then turn to a number of subjects, among them is VR, initially focussing on the PlayStation VR.

God of War III Remastered

Jaffe is a known evangelist for VR, and during the interview asks is Barlog is interested in creating a VR title, to which Barlog responds: “I don’t know, who knows what the future holds on that one,” Barlog says. “I still have not gotten to a point where I don’t get nauseated after about 25 minutes in VR. … I played that Farpoint game, which is so phenomenally cool with the gun controller, but man, moving around, oof, that made me nauseous.”

Jaffe then turns to areas such as room-scale and location-based VR, saying: “Once you do it [room-scale VR] you never want to go back, it’s f***ing amazing,” Jaffe says. “VR has its hooks in me so deep and so wonderfully, that if I could create the opportunity for myself to get back into games with VR, I would be all over it, that’s how transformative it can be if you have a good VR experience. The dream was always let’s make games in the holodeck, but we’re not gonna live long enough for that. Room-based VR at least makes you feel like it’s the future of interactive entertainment.”

When Barlog asks Jaffe what type of VR title he’d like to work on, Jaffe said: “I would want to do a horror game. I have a game about, sort of like when the levees broke in Katrina. I’d like to do a horror game based around, they had all the coffins floating down the street. … I love the idea of doing a horror game that’s like scuba diving and you’re on a boat and it’s constantly raining, kind of like a supernatural version of Jaws set in this sort of flooded New Orleans town. I’d like to do some kind of horror game based on that.”

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