Global Launch of AR Running Title Run An Empire Announced

Playing videogames is generally seen as a sedentary activity. The advent of augmented reality (AR) have opened up new avenues for encouraging people outside, as was demonstrated with the launch of Pokemon Go. Taking this a step further is Run An Empire, an AR app where players can run to capture and control a virtual empire.

Run An Empire is launching around the world today, with plans to roll out on both Android and iOS. The title allows players to claim land in the title by running, jogging or walking, with players rewarded for their activity with ownership of the land they run across.

The claimed land can be customised and developed with a range of buildings and structures, from stone-age simple huts to futuristic sci-fi space ports. As the empire expands, in-game currency can be earned which allows players to further develop their empire.

However, your empire is at risk from encroachment by other players, so its important to keep your exercise routine going to make sure you hold on to your land. In addition, some local challenges will pop up that will need players to collaborate in order to prove victorious.

The app has been designed to fit into existing exercise routines, letting players capture territory on a walk to work, a jog around the park or as a part of active race training. Players just need to open the app and it will track in the background, similar to Fitbit or Strava. The app is also capable of synchronising with Strava accounts.

Sam Hill, co-Founder and Product Lead at Developer Location Games Limited, says: “Running is going through a revolution, people want more than just badges for miles run or points for calories burned. We’re learning from the world of gaming and building something truly social, immersive and rewarding.”

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