Future Visual Announce VISIONxR Platform For VR And AR Collaboration

One of the big draws of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is being able to become more immersed within your work. This can be as simple as having a group meeting in a more meaningful way or working on a 3D prototype together to spend up development. Now, thanks to a new solution called VISIONxR it is becoming easier then ever before for users to collaborate on a project together across a wide number of devices and platforms.


With remote teams becoming more common being able to bring the team together into a shared space is key to ensuring projects stay on track and members are all in the loop. Sometimes it is easier to show someone what is going on rather than writing a long email and with VISIONxR, that is possible. The solution allows any member of a team to jump into virtual space and start collaborating in no time with any supported VR device. Not only that but users can also join via AR, mobile and event desktop with all platforms able to interact with each other.

Thanks to the shared functionality, VISIONxR is accessible to users and ensures that no one platform is lacking in features. This means that all platforms allow a user access to VOIP, movement around the scene, object interaction, recording and playback of action, changing of environmental conditions and the recording of task oriented metrics. This make the VISIONxR platform a solid and reliable solution for those looking to work together in virtual space, give virtual presentations or simply carry out remote training to a member of the team.


VISIONxR is not locked to one VR platform as well, as within the promotional video which you can see for yourself below, we see users joining the virtual space on three separate VR headsets. The same applies to the mobile devices within the video as well, meaning the solution truly is open to all platforms and that will only help users be able to get set up quickly.

More information on VISIONxR can be found on the official website and for more on VISIONxR in the future, make sure to keep reading VRFocus for all the latest as it becomes available.