Freak out More Than Rock out in Mosh Pit Simulator

Remember a few years ago when odd physics experience Goat Simulator arrived for PC and consoles, making absolutely no sense whatsoever, as you manoeuvred the four legged animal to cause all sorts of destruction? Well indie developer Sos Sosowski has been working on a similarly barmy title called Mosh Pit Simulator, for PC-based virtual reality (VR) headsets. 

Mosh Pit Simulator

It might be called Mosh Pit Simulator but there’s not a black t-shirt or guitar in sight, instead putting players into a massive open world inhabited by some very creepy looking people. All of which seem to have been crossed between zombies and  mannequins.

While they may look a little freaky – they are brainless and boneless humanoid creatures – they’re completely harmless, you can punch them, throw them, attack them with anything you can find to bounce them around amusingly. There’s also no blood or gore of any kind, just an open world city of nearly 500,000 square meters which can be interacted with any way you like.

So that means it’s completely destructible in the sandbox mode, level buildings, engage in some deforestation and a whole lot more. Sometimes though you have to build before you can destroy, so in Mosh Pit Simulator you’ll be able to create explosive devices, rockets, engines, anything you can think of to cause some mayhem.

Mosh Pit Simulator

Having been in development for 2.5 years, Sosowski is getting ready to release Mosh Pit Simulator via Steam Early Access for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. Penciled in for a 15th January 2019 release, the Early Access version will feature the sandbox mode as well as a story mode to teach players about the backstory and how the gameplay works.

The developer expects to be in Early Access for around six months, in that time adding further content including a driving mode, spider mode, animatronics mode and additional environments. When that happens, VRFocus will let you know.