Fantasy Adventure The Witching Tower VR Delayed

Daily Magic Productions dark fantasy adventure for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, The Witching Tower VR was due to launch in a couple of days but that’s now been suspended. Not for too long however, with the studio confirming a new date towards the end of the month.

The Witching Tower - Screenshot

This story driven, magical experience takes place in a shattered world, destroyed by a conflict known as the Undead War. This nightmarish realm is controlled by the Queen of the Undead and her minions. The only person who can put a stop to this horror is Anna, who has been hunted by the Queen due to her possession of special powers that could usurp the evil Queen’s rule.

Originally, The Witching Tower VR was given a release date of 4th October. By the sounds of it the studio wanted a little more time to polish the experience ready for players, with Marianna Shilina Vallejo, CEO of Daily Magic Productions, saying in a statement: “This is a difficult decision that was hard for us, but we think it’s the only right thing. Our purpose is to make a game that will be smooth to play and that we can be proud of.”

While Olga Ivanova, Executive Producer of the Daily Magic Productions added: “Virtually all content is ready, but technically, we still have work connected with an optimization. We want players to experience a comfortable and stable 90 FPS.”

The Witching Tower - Screenshot

Playing as Anna, you’ll be able to engage in both close quarters and ranged combat, using a sword to parry attacks and a magical bow for those enemies out of arms reach. In addition to plenty of monstrous enemies to dispatch, you’ll also need your wits about you to solve the various puzzles put in your path.

The Witching Tower VR will be available on Steam, Oculus and Viveport from 25th October, 2018. For any further updates on the title, keep reading VRFocus.