Fantamstick Launches Multiplayer Educational AR App

Educational videogames have a long history, aiming to keep children entertained while also teaching them valuable skills and imparting information in an enjoyable way. Fantamstick are aiming to bring the educational experience into augmented reality (AR) with its new app Math Ninja AR – Battle With Boxes.

Battle with Boxes is a sequel to a previous educational title from Fantamstick, the original Math Ninja AR, which was listed at number one on the Apple App Store kids app ranking for children aged 6-8 in 107 different countries.

The new app will use the improvements introduced in ARKit 2 that have been incorporated into iOS 12, such as the direct transmission function to enable multiplayer features, letting up to four players have a shared AR experience.

The premise of Math Ninja AR – Battle With Boxes is that innocent villagers have been transformed into boxes. In order to rescue them, players need to add up the right number of boxes to reach a given total. But they will need to search, select and calculate the right number all at the same time. Multiplayer means that players can compete against family and friends for a greater challenge.

“Our Play Study Go! series is the culmination of Fantamstick’s continued effort to produce ‘fun educational apps for children’,” Fantamstick said in a statement, “Recording a series total of 3 million downloads and 12 billion problems answered worldwide. Our child-centered design represented by our graphics, music, and playability, mesmerizes children, consequently nurturing their academic skills without them knowing it. Our aim is to not teach children, but to stimulate their interest so they will teach themselves.”

Math Ninja AR – Battle With Boxes is available on the Apple App Store, priced at $2.99 (USD) and required iOS version 12.0 or later in order to play. A video trailer is available to view below.

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