Explore The Depths of the Thai Spirit World In Home Sweet Home

October has been claimed by many as ‘spooky season’, with many people seeking out horror-themed entertainment, including horror movies, scare mazes and of course, horror videogames. Developer and publisher Mastiff along with Yggdrazil Group are seeking to cater to this with the launch of first-person survival horror title Home Sweet Home which is coming to the PlayStation VR.

Despite the cheery-sounding title, Home Sweet Home is a dark exploration of the mythology, religion and lore of Thailand.

Home Sweet Home

Within the videogame players find themselves in a dark and strange labyrinth. Players take the role of Tim, a man trapped in grief and mourning over the disappearance of his wife. Despite going to sleep in his own comfortable home, he awakes to find he is in a dilapidated building, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Players need to seek escape and find the reason for Tim’s wife’s disappearance while avoiding dangerous spirits and uncovering dark secrets that have long been hidden. Players do not have any weapons to help them, instead they have only their wits, meaning that a sharp eye of good places to hide becomes a valuable skill.

Home Sweet Home is a narrative-focussed title, which concentrates on aspects of Thai mythology and beliefs in an effort to capture the imagination of the players and play to fears that are universal in the human mind.

In order to uncover the truth, players will need to make careful use of stealth, locate good hiding places, know when to be quiet, and when to run. There are also various investigative skills available in the gameplay to help reveal hidden secrets.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is available from the PlayStation Store, and is compatible with the PlayStation VR. A physical edition of the title is also available exclusively from GameStop. The launch trailer is also available to view below.

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