Exit Reality and Neurogaming Developer Location-Based VR Gaming Solution X Arc

Thanks to the advancements made in the location-based entertainment (LBE) industry for virtual reality (VR), the public have easier access than ever before to the latest immersive technology. Exit Reality, a specialist in LBR VR solutions has announced a new partnership with Neurogaming to launch a new multiplayer solution called X Arc.


The LBE gaming solution will feature Neurogaming’s PlayVR content platform which has been optimized for the out-of-home entertainment industry. Currently only available in Europe, the X Arc will bring PlayVR’s content library to the US market, along with a wide library of exclusive VR content, including Alpha CentaVR and RevolVR, and fan favorites such as Beat Saber.

“It’s the ideal solution for FECs, amusement parks, et al. who want to get the most out of virtual reality,” said Yoni Koenig, co-founder of Exit Reality in a statement. “The X Arc is our flagship product, a culmination of our goal to provide the best physical infrastructure, digital distribution channel, and services to create a thriving VR LBE business for our customers.”

Director of Industrial Design for Exit Reality, Greg Abbott, a world-renowned virtuoso metal fabrication artist, craftsman and prop builder holding 10 Guinness World Records, constructed the high-end X Arc multiplayer VR attraction.

X Arc

“We found a great partner in Exit Reality who shares our vision for what the VR gaming experience should be,” said Yury Krylov, Chief Executive Officer of Neurogaming. “Their expertise in the industry is the reason why we’ve decided to partner with them and we’re looking forward to seeing PlayVR’s content become the talk of the town in cities across the country.”

Neurogaming’s PlayVR platform offers original gaming content with a variety of experiences across numerous genres whilst  catering to all ages. The platform also releases one new videogame each quarter to ensure consistent access to fresh content.

The X Arc is available for pre-order now – although no prices have been revealed, you’ll need to contact Exit Reality for that – and will be available for demo at this year’s IAPPA Attractions Expo taking place in Orlando, Florida next month. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.