Enjoy the Sweet Delight of SteamVR Home’s Candy Emporium

As October begins to draw to a close you may be getting fed up with all the Halloween flavoured content being pushed out, whether that’s via a new update or a new horror title making an appearance. It seems as though Valve and SteamVR are of a similar mindset with SteamVR Home releasing a new environment for users to explore, the Candy Emporium – which still sounds kind of sinister.

SteamVR Home Candy Emporium

Looking like your average sweet shop filled with delectable delights, of course not all is quite what it seems. As the creators note: “So today we’re shipping the Perfectly Normal Candy Emporium. That’s right, it’s perfectly normal – just your regular old candy shop with candy and cupcakes – which just happens to be closed right now… On a perfectly normal dark and stormy night…”

A perfect little getaway prior to or after a spot of virtual reality (VR) gaming, the Candy Emporium isn’t just somewhere nice to relax and wish it was real. Those inquisitive enough to go exploring may even find a few secrets to unlock.

As with previous releases the Candy Emporium is available as an asset pack allowing users to remix and create their own map using its models, textures, and sounds.

Steam VR / SteamVR

Earlier this month SteamVR Home launched another environment, a western themed space ranch called Gulping Goat.

In addition to Candy Emporium, SteamVR beta has been updated with the following additions:


  • Fixed Base Station 1.0 Power Management issues for Beta users reporting Bases that would not turn on or respond to identify as expected.

SteamVR Input:

  • Fixed issue with dpad modes not working on force-based trackpads (like the one on Knuckles.)
  • Fixed formatting in the Set Up Legacy Actions tab.

As SteamVR continues to improve and further updates are released, VRFocus will keep you informed.