Crytek Details What to Expect When The Climb Arrives For Oculus Quest

It'll be a launch day title for the standalone headset.

Last month Oculus made the announcement virtual reality (VR) fans had been waiting for, a price and release window for the company’s standalone headset Oculus Quest ( previously Santa Cruz). During the Oculus Connect 5 (OC5) keynote several titles were confirmed to be among the launch videogames, one of which was Crytek’s The Climb. Today, the studio has gone into further detail in a new blog posting.  


The Climb was Crytek’s first VR title which arrived back in April 2016 for Oculus Rift. Players take on the challenge of finding the right path up various mountain ranges based on real life areas like the Alps in some of the most detailed VR gameplay available. Traversing these rugged, expansive landscapes will grant you views for snow capped vistas, fairy tale castles and much more.

With Oculus Quest offering the option for even greater freedom whilst climbing these vista’s, Crytek Producer Fatih Özbayram said in a blog posting: “VR and rock climbing are a perfect combination, one that allows anyone to experience the intensity and thrill of one of the world’s most extreme sports from virtually anywhere. We are excited to be bringing The Climb to Oculus Quest players next year—this is something everyone should see. The combination of CRYENGINE visuals, the intuitive nature of using Touch controls, and the versatility of Oculus Quest will give players an incredible virtual experience.”

Players will be treated to the same features as the PC version, with tutorials and a procedurally generated endless climbing wall for practice runs, plus six intensive bouldering routes to beat. There will be a Tourist mode to explore each new environment with simplified mechanics, perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Plus there’s an additional multiplayer mode allowing climbers to compete against one another whilst sending challenges to friends.

Oculus Quest is due for release in Spring 2019, starting from $399 USD. Check out VRFocus’ hands-on preview of the headset from OC5, and the review of The Climb for further info. As we near launch VRFocus will keep you updated.

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