Crunchfish Launches Gesture Interaction for AR Smart Glasses

When it comes to augmented reality (AR), most people currently engage with it using a smartphone, but for many the dream is to be able to interact with AR in a more intuitive way, using devices such as AR smart glasses. Crunchfish are hoping to bring that dream closer to reality with the launch if its new gesture interaction software for AR smart glasses.

The recent announcement that Facebook is working on AR smart glasses has brought the concept back into focus for many, and the new product release from Crunchfish is aimed towards making use of AR smart glasses more comfortable and intuitive for users.

The application works by using a pointer which tracks the hand, and a pinch-gesture is used to activate different functions. For example, gestures can be used to zoom in, drag and drop virtual objects, draw in AR view and start or stop a video call.

The new solution uses gestures that will be familiar to users due to the similarity with touch-screen interfaces, and using one main gesture for interaction means that the system is simpler for users to get to grips with.

The developers have noted that most work on AR has been in the realm of creating content for AR experiences, instead of methods for engaging with those experiences. Crunchfish have expressed the belief that is is vital to consider the user experience in order to secure a future for AR.

According to Crunchfish, the new interface application was made possible by the use of technological advances made by the Crunchfish development team, specifically in the areas of neural networks and artificial intelligence (AI). The team say that using this technology has made software and algorithms significantly faster and more accurate when it comes to detecting hand movements.

The company plans for the first release to customers to be made available during November, 2018. A demonstration video is available to view below.

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