Crazy Machines VR Whirrs Into Life On PC VR Later This Month

You’d not think it but the Crazy Machines franchise has actually been around for 13 years. Originally released in October 2005 for PC and Mac, as well as on both the Nintendo DS and Wii. We’ve known that the creation crafting title that sees users manufacture elaborate machines in a Rube Goldberg style to perform various tasks was due to make the leap to virtual reality (VR) for some time.

Crazy Machines VR - Screenshot (Oct 2018)However, there’s good news for any would-be VR inventors out there, as the wait will not be for much longer.

Created by the original developers, FAKT Software and published by Wild River, Crazy Machines VR will be debuting on PC through Steam; with VR support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality later this month on October 25th 2018. A PlayStation VR version is also planned, although no release date has yet been confirmed for this.

Bringing Crazy Machines into the equally crazy world of VR has, as you might have guessed, led to some developments in the title. Particularly with the amount of control you now have to assemble components, what with VR’s intuitive controls. With users able to truly get hands-on with their creations for the first time.

Crazy Machines VR will come with five chapters and encompass forty levels worth of mind-bending puzzles and physics challenges. With assistance from what the title’s PR team term “a surly robot” – so perhaps you won’t get that much assistance after all.

A bunch of new screenshots has also been released and you can see them all below.  VRFocus will have more news about Crazy Machines VR nearer release.