Comedy Puzzle Experience People Cu3ed Preparing for Launch

Next week British indie developer Whitway Studios will be releasing its debut virtual reality (VR) title for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, a comedic puzzler called People Cu3ed.

People Cu3ed

Players find themselves taking part in an event called the ‘Interdimensional Games’ where they have to complete 40 various stages inside a gigantic crystalline tower. The premise of each stage is relatively simple, players have to get from one side of a giant chasm to the other in as quick a time as possible. Of course, this becomes no easy task as all sorts of obstacles litter the expanse to slow matters down.

To get across you have a team, who just so happen to be a bunch of mates turned into cubes. Using your trusty cubed friends they need to be placed so you can teleport across each one, manoeuvring them singularly or as a group as needs must. There’s a further twist in the fact that all your cubed mates need to make it as well.

Alongside all the puzzles Whitway Studios has a fully voiced, animated (and hilarious!) cast of characters, such as the ever-sarcastic, unprofessional and ‘encouraging’ Gamesmaster doesn’t hesitate to take it out on you and your team.

People Cu3ed

People Cu3ed will be available from 2nd November via Steam, retailing for $9.99 USD. Check out the launch trailer below to see what the madness of People Cu3ed is all about. For further updates from Whitway Studios keep reading VRFocus.