Korean Developer MammoSix Shows Alpha Footage of Galaxity [Update]

The demand for multiplayer virtual reality (VR) experiences continues to grow. As the player base for VR increases, and the technology develops, more people are searching for experiences within VR that are not only social, but also broad-ranging, allowing them to explore and discover a virtual environment. This seems to be what Korean developer MammoSix are trying to achieve with Galaxity.

The developers have recently released footage of its Alpha2 build of Galaxity, a virtual world where users can create and explore and engage in virtual activities in a colourful and cartoonish environment.

The footage shows a virtual avatar being created and customised before emerging into the virtual world to roam around and engage in social activities such as a football game (soccer to our American readers).

The developers say that the goal when creating this build was ‘Behaviour’, presumably referring to to avatar behaviour, such as movement and animation. MammoSix say that the next build will be the Beta build, and the goal there is ‘Environment’, which is likely to mean polishing the virtual environments, structures and travel.

MammoSix have promised that users will be able to engage in activities such as driving a car and taking it to a virtual drive-through to take in a film. It has not yet been specified if users will be able to choose the content shown on the screen.

Galaxity is said to be coming to Steam and Oculus Store, which suggests that compatibility with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is likely. Publicity images have shown the developers working with Windows Mixed Reality devices as well, which suggests compatibility with those devices is also possible.

A release date has not yet been confirmed, but Facebook posts by the development team suggest a 2019 release window. The video of the alpha2 build is available to view below.

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Update: This article originally indicated that MammoSix was a Chinese company, this was in error and in fact MammoSix is based in South Korea. VRFocus apologises for this error.