Bionik Announces Mantis VR Headphones Now Have Official Licensing

Back in 2017, a company called Bionik released a set of headphones called Mantis that were designed to be integrated into the PlayStation VR set-up and provide high-quality audio without sacrificing the comfort or aesthetics of the device. Now the company has announced that it has concludes an agreement with Sony for the product to be an officially licensed product.

Thanks to the agreement, the Bionik Mantis headphones are now officially licensed for use exclusively with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India and Oceania.

bionik Mantis image 3

The Mantis design means that the headphones units clip easily on to the headband of the PlayStation VR and can be easily adjusted or removed for different users or situations. The lightweight headphones support a range of positions, or can be easily flipped out of the way if needed. The design and colour scheme also blend well with the design of the PlayStation VR.

The officially licensed Mantis will include audio cable as well as on-ear and over-the-ear attachment options, which allows for more customisation options for PlayStation VR users.

“The Mantis was designed from its inception to complement and enhance the extraordinary PS VR experience as a natural extension of the headset,” said Amir Navid, Bionik’s SVP of Product Development. “We’re thrilled to partner with SIEE on the official licensed release of Mantis, and look forward to serving our SIEE region customers that have been excited for the Mantis’ debut. This kit will include everything you need for customized, integrated, and immersive sound made even richer thanks to PS VR’s 3D Audio capabilities.”

VRFocus previously reviewed the Bionik Mantis, giving it top marks and saying: “Bionik’s Mantis VR is an excellent accessory for the PlayStation VR, offering good functionality, good sound and perfect aesthetics. It is comfortable and lightweight and works perfectly alongside the PlayStation VR headset. Though the lack of noise cancelling will be off-putting for some, for most users this is a superb solution for sound in VR.”

bionik Mantis image 4

Further information can be found on the Bionik website. For future coverage on new and upcoming VR hardware and accessories, keep checking back with VRFocus.