Bat Batty Bats in Roccat Studios Battiest Videogame Yet

One of the more weird and wonderful virtual reality (VR) title to appear in 2017 was Elevator… to the Moon!a humorous puzzler from ROCCAT Games Studio. In fact it was the small team’s first immersive title, arriving for mobile and PC-based headsets. This week sees the team launch its next project, an equally weird and wacky title called Bat Batty Bats.  

Bat Batty Bats

Bat Batty Bats is an arcade style, pinball batting mashup that’s all about scoring some big points. The videogame may even look familiar to those who’ve played Elevator… to the Moon! 

“We got a bunch of requests from fans to make [a] standalone version of the arcade machine you unlock in Elevator to the Moon on Gear and Go,” said project lead Marc Barnes in an email. “So we made this new spinoff version, where the child version of President Roccmeier (voiced by my son) is playing games on his Heftitronics console late at night.”
To ensure the new experience has enough content to stand by itself ROCCAT Games Studios has bumped up the content with endless modes of all the levels with separate leader-boards, a new secret weapon, a new Hubworld and new ways to unlock all the cool weapons.

Bat Batty Bats

Of course the main gameplay is still there, with players having to beat, block and bounce bats into bats and bumpers for bucket loads of bonus-points. There will be bonanza events on a Big Ben with British bulldogs and Bad-Ass Bazooka Babies, plus the chance to beat the Bizarre Boss Bat at the end of the Campaign mode.

Bat Batty Bats will launch this Thursday, 25th October for £2.99 USD on the Oculus Store. It’ll support mobile headsets Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. For any further updates from ROCCAT Games Studio keep reading VRFocus.