Augment The Cinema Experience This Halloween with Noovie ARcade

Spooky times are on the way with special AR horror pre-show from Noovie ARcade.

With the spooky Halloween holiday coming up fast, many people will be planning to head to the cinema to take in a horror film. Customers across the USA will be able to get in the mood for a fright with an augmented reality (AR) pre-show which will be available at selected theatres across the US.

Movie fans heading out to see Halloween, Venom or several other PG-13 and R-rated films during October will be able to take part in a communal AR experience before the film starts, thanks to the Noovie ARcade pre-show.

Twenty minutes before the feature starts, users who have the Noovie ARcade app will be able to enjoy the spooky pre-show, which will begin in the dark theatre on the big screen in a number of cinema, including big chains such as AMC, Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group along with 55 regional and local cinemas and exhibitors.

The Noovie Arcade app lets customers play interactive AR videogames on the big screen, including titles such as Cinevaders, Emoji Escape and Kernal Cannon.

Cinevaders is an AR take on the classic arcade title Space Invaders, with the player trying to protect the cinema from invading aliens. Emoji Escape challenges the player to catch the escaped emojis before they eat all the cinema snacks.

The AR horror experience requires the use to activate the Noovie ARCade app and point their camera at the cinema screen. Then, they will be shown a slew of spooky imagery, such as a silhouette of a child on a swing, clutching a teddy bear. Strange, zombie-like creatures who move with a jerky, unnatural motion appear as ominous writing appears on a billboard, pleasing ‘Save Me!’.

The Noovie ARCade can be accessed through the app, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The horror experience will be available at selected theatres from 6th October until 31st October, with over 20,800 movie screen taking part.

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