Attack On Titan Gets VR Attraction

Attack On Titan is one of the biggest successes in Anime in recent years, attracting large audiences all over the world, as it depicts a world where humankind is forced to live in cities protected by huge walls to protect them from the huge man-eating humanoid creatures known as titans. Now the bleak and brutal world of Attack On Titan is coming to virtual reality (VR).

Sony Music Communications and Taito are working on a VR attractions called VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race that will let up to four players take the roles of Squad Levi against the Female Titan.

It is based on a chapter of the original manga called ‘Female Titan Capture Operation’, which features Levi, Eren and other major characters riding on horseback as they attempt to make an escape by dodging various obstacles.

The mission is considered to be complete once a certain number of players reach the goal, which involves players avoiding not only obstacles but also the attacks of the Female Titan, who will kill your character if you get caught.

The Attack on Titan manga was first published in Bessatu Shonen Magazine in September 2009, subsequently adapted into an Anime series in April 2013. The story initially centered on Eren Yeager and his childhood friends as they join the military to fight the titans after their hometown is invaded.

Attack on Titan in both manga and anime form has been noted for the emotional impact is has had on its fans, and its very dark storylines, with some people coming to refer to it as ‘The Games of Thrones of Anime’.

VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race will be getting a location test in Tokyo from 19th-26th October at 10am-8pm JST at Ginza Sony Park. Those who participate in the location test will be given exclusive stickers.

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