Anjin Games Announces Multiplayer Updates For Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter

A multiplayer updates comes to early access smartphone VR shooter Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter.

Anjin Games has announced that it is hoping to step up the level of virtual reality (VR) shooters with the latest update to its early access mobile VR titles, Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter. This title is the third in the Deadbotz series, which previously came to VR with Deadbotz 2: VR Cyborg Warfare.

Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter is an early access title that is available for Android-based devices. The latest update introduces multiplayer functionality to the title.

Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter follows on from a previous VR title from Anjin Games, which used Unity 5 to produce a title called Deadbotz 2: VR Cyborg Warfare, which was praised for its high graphical fidelity for an Android title, and its ability to provide server-based multiplayer for players all over the world.

The previous title supported Google Cardboard, and was released two years ago, becoming one of the earliest multiplayer first-person shooter titles available on Android VR. Both local LAN and global internet multiplayer were supported, features that have been recently introduced into its sequel,

As in the previous title, players take the role of Space Marine John MacClure as he journeys through the galaxy attempting to wipe out the dangerous and destructive Cyborg Botz Clan.

Users wanting to play Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter will need an Android-compatible VR headset, such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream or Google Cardboard. An Android compatible gamepad is also required.

The smartphone device will need at least a Snapdragon 821 processor or better in order to run. Headphones are also recommended for the best experience.

The developers say that the title is still in development, so glitches and instability might occur. The Anjin Games team are gathering feedback from the player base. Deadbotz 3 VR Mute Winter is available for download from the Google Play Store.

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