Zero Latency Opens New VR Centre in Nottingham UK

As location-based virtual reality (VR) grows in popularity an increasing number of new centres are popping up all over the world. One of the latest to be announced is from warehouse-scale VR company Zero Latency, who have revealed it will be opening a new VR experience in Nottingham, UK.

The new Nottingham location will be the first Zero Latency site in the UK, and the company will be bringing its immersive social VR title Zombie Survival to customers.

Zombie Survival is a zombie battling VR title that encourages cooperation between players as they try to defend a fort from a horde of undead until the rescue team arrives. Other titles planned to be introduced at Zero Latency Nottingham include Singularity, where teams of players face off against killer robots and Engineerium, a fantasy world full of mazes and platform challenges.

Players who come to Zero Latency Nottingham will be equipped with headsets, headphones, a military-style backpack and in shooter titles, a gun peripheral. Players will then be able to enter the VR world and control their full-motion VR avatars through the environment, contained within a 180 sq meter e-sports arena.

John Lilley, Chief Experience Officer at Zero Latency said “It’s long been our ambition to launch Zero Latency in the top tech hub of Europe and we can’t wait to share with Brits the UK’s first free-roam, multiplayer VR entertainment experience. There’s a growing appetite for cutting-edge socially engaging VR experiences and the games we offer cater to a wide audience from avid-gamers to first time visitors, but at the heart of every game is a family fun adventure. We look forward to opening the doors of our first UK arena in Nottingham, and can’t wait to watch players battle against zombies and sacrifice their friends so that they can win!”

Further information, including how to pre-book places, can be found on the Zero Latency website. As usual, VRFocus will keep you informed on new and upcoming VR centres.