World War Toons And Metal Slug Join Forces For New VR Arcade Experiences

Studio Roqovan, SNK and KT Corp team up to build a unique room-scale virtual reality arcade title.

Los Angeles-based developer Studio Roqovan, the team behind the virtual reality (VR) title World War Toons for PlayStation VR, have revealed a new project in the form of a World War Toons + Metal Slug VR Arcade game (WWT:MSVR). This upcoming room scale first-person shooter (FPS) VR action title will see the humorous take on the Second World War and it’s cast of eccentric characters being reinforced by characters from the popular Metal Slug series.

World War Toons + Metal Slug VR Arcade

“We are extremely blessed to get to work with the Metal Slug brand to feature them in the world of World War Toons,” States James Chung, CEO of developer Roqovan. “This game is a love letter to all World War Toons and Metal Slug fans out there. We’ve been working hard for months to recreate the essence of what makes a great Metal Slug game within World War Toons universe. Translating those design philosophies to VR has been an amazing experience”.

Currently a working title, WWT:MSVR will combine what players known and love about World War Toons and the Metal Slug series and offer a new experience like nothing fans have ever seen before in a VR arcade title. The title is known for its bright colours, solid graphics and action packed multiplayer action. Having received a number of content updates following its release, World War Toons has gone on to become a fairly popular VR title.

World War Toons + Metal Slug VR Arcade

Another key party in the development of this new experience is Korea Telecom Corporation (KT Corporation) who are Korea’s largest telecommunications service provider. Kyounglim Yun, President of KT Corporation commented on the announcement saying: “Because of the WWT:MSVR project, content service from KT’s experience-based media such as VR arcade games will reach fans of the franchise directly. KT is committed to bringing meaningful and popular IPs into the market beyond this title with future direction of applying 5G technology to these contents.”

The team at Studio Roqovan are also working with SNK Corporation on the title who are the creators of the famous Metal Slug series. “We are very happy to finally announce the fruit of our effort with Roqovan. Seeing the Metal Slug characters in the world of World War Toons gives us great pleasure.” says Koichi Toyama, Company President of SNK Corporation. “It’s wonderful to see our first collaboration finally unveiled to the public. We know fans are going to love it as much as we do.”

World War Toons + Metal Slug VR Arcade

Currently in development, WWT:MSVR is planned to launch first at KT’s VR Arcades called VRIGHT in Q1 of 2019. This will include the first mission and future missions that expand the title and further the gameplay experience will release soon after. As Chung explains: “This is just the beginning of the story for World War Toons and Metal Slug. Now is a great time to be a fan of the franchise, we have a lot more in store.”

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