What Makes Good VR? Make Real Gives Some Insider Know How

Ever been to a UK VR event? Then you'll have likely seen Make Real's Sam Watts there.

Developing for virtual reality (VR) isn’t just a straight forward creation of 3D worlds which you then plonk a player inside and expect everything to be awesome and immersive. A lot of time and effort has to go into seemingly simple actions like picking up and object or moving through the world without getting nauseous. Which is why there are plenty of events around the globe that tend to feature talks and other sessions focused on development practices and other useful topics. If you’ve ever been to one – especially in the UK – then you may recognise Make Real’s Director of Immersive Technologies, Sam Watts, who’s a regular addition to these. Naturally, while VRFocus was at Make Real we caught up with Sam to talk about VR content creation.

Sam Watts

As one of the core team within Make Real, Watts’ role is focused on delivery and deployment of Make Real products, with an extensive videogame background that has seen him deliver and support: “dozens of digital products at Zynga, NCsoft, Kerb and Epic. Clients have included BBC, Channel 4, EDF Energy, Sky and Sony PlayStation,” notes the studio website.

Watts reveals that Make Real is currently in the process of looking into development of its own IP thanks to recent investment, looking at what the market wants and needs alongside what the team find fun and interesting to make as well. One such IP being experimented with is Pastimes for Pirates which he goes into greater detail with in this developer diary.

A lot of time is being spent looking at new technologies, from the implementation of augmented reality (AR), to eye tracking and machine learning, all of which are becoming more integral as the industry progresses.

To find out more about Make Real’s VR developments then check out the video below featuring an extensive interview with Watts.

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