WePlayVR Announces Multiplayer Options

Location-based virtual reality (VR) is experiencing a surge in popularity, with an increasing number of VR centres and arcades opening up, giving consumers the chance to try out VR without the expense of setting up the equipment at home. AiSolve is aiming to keep pace with this market, has has announced several new developments for its WePlayVR line, including multiplayer.

AiSolve will be showcasing some of its new products at the Euro Attractions Show (EAS), an event which hosts some of the biggest names in amusement and entertainment to display new products and services.

At EAS, AiSolve will be demonstrating its first multiplayer title for its WePlayVR location-based VR line. The title is called Star Defence, and is described as an action-packed two-person space adventure.

Star Defence requires players to work together to battle a horde of dangerous robot drones. The title is played inside a 3m x 3m WePlayVR arena, which incorporates the immersive, haptic-enhanced gameplay that AiSolve has used in previous titles.

The company believes that the multiplayer title will allow VR attraction operators to earn greater revenue, as more customers can be catered to simultaneously. The new product will be available for demonstration at the Bandai Namco booth at EAS.

In addition, AiSolve have announced a re-design of the WePlayVR arena. The new design keeps the small 3m x 3m footprint, but includes new panelling and spectator portals, in addition to allowing for multiple players simultaneously.

AiSolve are also revealing a partnership with Cartoon Network to launch a location-based VR experience called We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush, which is based on one of Cartoon Network’s popular cartoon shows. The new experience will have its debut at Family Fun Center in Tukwila, Washington.

We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush requires 2-3 players to work together to complete orders and avoid amusing kitchen disasters in a colourful cartoon world of talking animals.

For further news on AiSolve and other location-based VR projects, keep checking back with VRFocus.