Watch the World Burn When Paperville Panic Leaves Early Access This Month

Australian indie developer Ultimerse launched its first virtual reality (VR) project Paperville Panic onto Steam Early Access in December 2017, a comedic, tongue in cheek action-adventure where you play a rookie in the fire department. Now after several months in Early Access and lots of updates Paperville Panic is now fully prepped and ready to leave this month. 

As you may have guessed being a rookie firefighter is one thing, but it’s made all the more difficult when the world you live in is made of paper. That means Paperville needs a hero to step up and save the day – if you so wish – by clearing building fires, rescuing citizens from rubble, and hacking through doors, all normal firefighter stuff. You even get to deal with townsfolk and their personal issues.

When originally arriving on Early Access Paperviille Panic had three levels to enjoy. This has now been greatly expanded for a far more content rich experience. Recent updates have seen the addition of the Convenience Store, Podium and Town Hall levels, while a new holster improved the equipping and unequipping of weapons and tools, as well as supporting left handed players.

The title features several open areas including Hub World and Open Town where you can mingle with residents and find those all important missions. As the new trailer below showcases you’ll have your work cut out for you as the town celebrates with fireworks, pipes explode and you’re even drawn into fire fights in shops.

Paperville Panic is scheduled to leave Steam Early Access on 20th September 2018. The launch will also see a major addition in the form of support for Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality alongside HTC Vive. Should Ultimerse reveal any further secrets in the run up to launch – the studio has hinted a few surprises are instore – then VRFcous will let you know.