Wacom Creators’ Conference to Focus on Latest VR and MR Developments

It'll take place in Amsterdam next week.

Last month as part of SIGGRAPH 2018, Wacom, a specialist in digital pen technology and tablets for creatives, held an evening Wacom Creators’ Conference featuring presentations and demonstrations focused towards virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). If you happen to be a Wacom user but couldn’t get over to Vancouver, Canada for the event you’ll have a second opportunity this month, ahead of IBC in Amsterdam.


Taking pretty much the same format as the Vancouver conference, it’ll kick off with a short introduction by Wacom CEO, Nobu Ide. After which guests will be able to enjoy presentations and demonstrations by representatives from Wacom and Gravity Sketch, a leading VR and MR 3D design software company. 3D artists will do a a live demonstration of Wacom’s proof of concept and Gravity Sketch to show how VR will enhance the design workflow.

“The main purpose of the conference for us is to learn”, says Hiroshi Tamano, Wacom’s Senior Vice President of Partnership Development 3D/VR. “We want to collect as much feedback as possible from our potential users so that the final product meets the needs of the ever-changing design landscape.”




“Being a technology leader in the field of instruments for professional design, we are positioning the company to be a leader in VR for artists and designers”, says Nobu Ide, CEO of Wacom. With Gravity Sketch, Wacom has found the right partner to take the lead in prototype development and start the discussion based on real life testing.

The Wacom Creators’ Conference will take place on Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 at the Hotel Okura Amsterdam, between 4pm – 7pm. Media, entertainment, and technology show IBC 2018 will then begin on 13th September for the conference and the 14th for the exhibition. For any further updates from Wacom or the IBC conference, keep on reading VRFocus.

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