VRstudios Announces Solution for Smaller VR Arenas

VRStudios has become known as one of the companies strongly involved with the development of solutions for location-based virtual reality (VR), an area which has seen a substantial rise in popularity recently, with new centres popping up all over the world. VRstudios has now announced that it is introducing a new configuration for the VRcade PowerPlay product line which allows it to work better in smaller arena spaces.

The VRcade Arena launched its flagship VRcade PowerPlay product, which supported 8 players. Of course not every location-based VR centre has sufficient space for this, so the new configurations allow for between 2-6 players.

PowerPlay is powered by AMP, the VRCade Attraction Management Platform, which allows for centralised control of system technologies, attraction content, operations, analytics and remote support. AMP is being used in various attractions around the world, and VRStudios believes this technology will allow location-based VR centres to offer ‘Sport of the Future’ attractions.

“With multiple configurations of PowerPlay, we are bringing the next generation of eSports to all LBE venues,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ Vice President of Creative Development. “No matter the size of your facility’s footprint, LBE operators and businesses can offer this highly physical, engaging, and unique game.”

VRStudios says the new configurations showcases now features and capabilities of VRCade PowerPlay, such as replayable competitive matches, the ability to move naturally on a real-world playing field and exciting spectator engagement, along with the ability to customise the area for brands or themes.

The company says that each different arena size will allow for a different PowerPlay eSport experience, as the different configurations will allow for different strategies, teams and manoeuvrers. The new VRCade PowerPlay solution is available to existing OptiTrack-based arenas and VRStudios says it will offer full support for upgrading existing OptiTrack systems.

VRcade Arena image2

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