VRHealth Working With Oculus For Health and Wellness Solutions

As the potential for virtual reality (VR) use in healthcare has become apparent, a number of companies have been formed with the aim of exploring this developing technology. One of these is VRHealth, a company which provides specialised VR technology solutions and data analysis for healthcare. VRHealth have announced that it is working with Oculus to develop new health and wellness solutions using Oculus VR technology.

VRHealth will be using both Oculus Go and Oculus Rift to provide VR technology solutions for various areas in healthcare, including pain management for cancer patients during chemotherapy or alleviating patient anxiety before and after surgery.

The aim of VRHealth is to provide non-invasive medical tools, which use technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing algorithms to provide valuable data analytics. VRHealth has provided its tools to various medical facilities and hospitals, and has reported positive results from places such as Stanford Sports Medicine, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Hoag Hospital Network, and Mass General Hospital’s Sports Medicine Center.

“Virtual reality has the power to ease the pain of chemotherapy treatment, create a seamless environment for physical therapy exercises, and train children with ADHD to focus their attention,” VRHealth CEO Eran Orr says. “It used to be that when people thought of virtual reality – entertainment and games were the first application that came to mind but we see that applying the effects of VR to the healthcare industry has the potential to improve many lives and aid doctors in providing personalized and comfortable experiences for their patients.”

Data collected from patients is updated in real-time, allowing medical professionals to quickly adapt a patient’s treatment plan. The company believes this technology has great potential benefits for both patients and medical professionals.

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