VR Being Used By Indian Real Estate Firms

As has been covered on VRFocus numerous times in the past, various industries are finding virtual reality (VR) technology to be a good way to collaborate and communicate with customers, colleagues and clients. One of those industries is real estate, where according to realty portal Housing.Com, the Indian real estate industry is becoming increasingly reliant on the technology.

Housing.Com is owned by Singapore-based firm Elara Technologies, which owns two other portals devoting to housing and real estate. The company has introduced a VR system called RealtyVision 2.0 for its clients.

The company has said that it wishes to enhance the feel of home buying and empower customers to make smarter decisions, as the VR system allows them to get a much clearer feel of the available properties, both advantages and disadvantages.

The Realty Vision product is portable and offers a full 3D walk-through of prospective properties for sale, which can be controlled from both the buyer’s and seller’s end. This allows the client to get a comprehensive view of the property, while allowing the seller to point out points of interest.

“Virtual reality is moving from being a novelty to a necessity in the real estate sector. Home buyers, developers, and real estate agents are demanding a better and more efficient way of discovering and showcasing properties,” said Ravi Bhushan, chief product technology officer of the three portals.

According to Times of India, Realty Vision is capable of working without an internet connection, which allows for easier set-up when visiting customers in their homes or offices. The client base for Housing.Com consists of realty firm brokers as well as home buyers, so this flexability was considered an essential feature.

Housing.Com believes that VR systems such as Realty Vision 2.0 are becoming increasingly necessary in the real estate market as both developers and brokers search for better ways of finding or showcasing properties.

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