VR Art Piece to Debut at Brighton Digital Festival

An increasing number of artists and creators are experimenting with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) as a medium through which to tell a story or convey emotions and states of being. Even art galleries are using immersive technology to try and connect with visitors. Artists Alex Peckham is using VR as a canvas to create an art installation called Forever.

Forever will get its debut at the Brighton Digital Festival, a long-running event which the organisers say attempts to explore the way in which digital technology shapes our lives and way of thinking.

Peckham says the Forever was influenced by the works of Paul Nash and Arnold Böcklin and uses VR as a means to create a surreal, symbolic environment and experience where themes of memory, nostalgia, desire and loss can all be explored.

The work was created using a combination of CGI environments, real-world photography and 360-degree video, through which the artist has attempted to recreate locations from his own home and blend them with fantastical and mind-bending elements to create a dream-like experience.

The world of Forever is both day and night, and commonplace domestic scenes melt into surreal, isolated landscapes encompassing a lonely shoreline of an island, where strange glass objects rest on the sand and odd insects dart about overhead.

The organisers of Brighton Digital Festival say that Forever is for fans of surrealism and symbolism, as well as those who want to experience what is possible with art in VR.

The exhibition of Forever is free, but only a limited number of people can experience Foreverat once, so booking ahead is encouraged.

Forever will be opening for a preview on 13th September, from 6pm-9pm. After that, Forever will be opened from 14th-17th September, 2018 from 11am until 5pm. Further information and bookings can be found on the Brighton Digital Festival website.

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