Vox Machinae Prepares for Battle With New Trailer

Riding around in a giant robot and fighting against other giant robots in virtual reality (VR) holds a certain appeal, something that independent developers Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation are trying to tap into with its upcoming release of giant robot battler Vox Machinae.

The robots depicted in Vox Machinae are described as being ‘seven times taller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex’ which certainly fits the bill for the ‘giant’ part of ‘giant robot battler’. Players take command of a GDR or ‘Grinder’ robot in order to take part in an escalating war between rival corporations.

Players can choose a GDR base frame and then customise it with their choice of weaponry, including lasers, missiles, cannons as well as more exotic weaponry. The experience is designed for ‘drop-in multiplayer’ battles, allowing the user to quickly engage with gameplay.

There are five GDR frames to choose from, each one having its own strengths and weaknesses, designed to appeal to different play styles. Vox Machinae was created with multiplayer in mind, and users can choose to play offline, on a local network or online with up to 16 players.

Full bot support is available across all game modes, so players can engage with bot opponents to hone their skills, or fill empty slots when playing with friends or online. The two modes planned to be available at launch are Salvage Mode, where the aim is to recover and protect a giant Decker machine, or Stockpile mode where players to try and control various factories scattered across the map.

The development team have aimed to create a tactical VR simulator that uses an immersive physics engine to rive both movement and combat. The player controls the GDR machine with motion controls, operating ‘grabbable’ controls located I the virtual cockpit. For example, to start up the robot, users need to turn the ignition key and tilt the control yoke to move it.

Vox Machine is set for Steam Early Access release in Autumn 2018, with a new trailer to advertise the upcoming launch. VRFocus will be sure to bring you further updates on Vox Machinae and other new VR titles.