Visbit and Kandao Demonstrate 8K VR Video Live Streaming

Both virtual reality (VR) 360-degree video use and video live-streaming are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. 360-degree video allows for a degree of ‘presence’ and immersion not possible with traditional 2D video while video streaming offers convenience and ease of access. Immersive media company Visbit have worked with VR camera maker Kandao to present an 8K VR video live stream across the Pacific Ocean.

Higher visual quality tends to be the aim for VR video streams, and a stable 8K stream represents a step forward in VR video streaming. The 8K live stream was generated at Kandao’s office in Shenzhen and delivered to multiple VR headsets at Visbit’s office in California.

The video was captured using a Kandao Obsidian R 360-degree camera, a professional grade device equipped with 6 fisheye lenses, with each lens capable of outputting 11.4 megapixel video stream. All six streams were then stitched together and encoded in H.265 using Kandao Live software in real-time to produce the 8K 360-degree live stream.

“Released in 2017, Kandao Obsidian is already a proven professional VR camera with 8K production capability,” said Dan Chen, CEO and Co-Founder of Kandao. “By optimizing the whole stitching and encoding pipeline, Kandao Live software solution significantly lowers the hardware requirements to the processing computer, making it possible to use one local PC to handle all the 8K workload in real time.”

“Back in 2017, we already demonstrated 5K live streaming of 360-degree VR videos on NABShow, together with AMD. Visbit VVOS technology has been live ready since then. Today, we are excited to see Visbit Cloud and Visbit 8K VR player immediately picked up the 8K live signal from Kandao camera. Combining Kandao’s Obsidian camera, Kandao Live software, Visbit’s Live VR cloud service, and Visbit 8K Live Player, we can now offer a ready-to-use solution to power up all kinds of contents to be delivered to the world in 8K and in real time,” said Changyin Zhou, CEO and Co-Founder of Visbit.

A video of the demonstration can be viewed below. For further coverage on Visbit and Kandao, keep checking back with VRFocus.