UNTAMED ARena Brings Dinosaur Toys To Life In AR

One of the delights of owning animal and dinosaur toys is the ability to make them fight each other, plastic clacking together as your imagination conjures up a grisly scene. What if your imagination could come to life? This is the concept that WowWee and HappyGiant are exploring with new augmented reality (AR) title UNTAMED ARena.

UNTAMED ARena allows children (or big children) to turn any space into an AR arena and bring branded UNTAMED toys, including the Raptors and T-Rex toys to life to battle against each other in the AR arena.

Users will be able to challenge friends or anonymous players to battles. The app was created by HappyGiant, a company that has been heavily involved in AR titles, including its work on Hologrid: Monster Battle, which was inspired by Star Wars. The company has used this knowledge to create ‘Full Body AR’ which lets players move in the AR environment, letting them dodge, jump, squat and move around and have the game world react to that movement/

“It’s so exciting to see UNTAMED as an entity grow beyond the world of toys and enter the app space,” said Andrew Yanofsky, WowWee Brand Manager, “In today’s 360 entertainment world, it’s important to cover every vertical that’s dear to your audience. The app space was a natural extension for us, and we’re proud to have done so in such an innovative way.”

“There’s a ton of AR tech, but UNTAMED ARena really stands out as a full-fledged AR Battle platform that’s unlocked by the purchase, enhanced by the toy, and maintains the core brand promises of the UNTAMED line,” said Davin Sufer, Chief Technology Officer at WowWee, “By working with HappyGiant, we created a cutting-edge AR app with really great detection and tracking, and we plan to keep innovating and pushing the bar with the latest and greatest AR features that are available.”

Further information can be found on the UNTAMED website. For future coverage on new and upcoming AR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.