Ukrainian Storytellers Seek Crowdfunding for VR Documentary

Virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video is often praised for its ability to make people feel present in the environment, and for allowing them to connect emotionally with the people depicted. This connection is what the creators behind Aftermath VR: Euromaidan are seeking with plans for a VR documentary on the revolution in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Aftermath VR: Euromaidan tells the story of the wave of public protests that began in Kyiv, Ukraine that came to be known as the Euromaidan, which eventually led to the 2014 Ukraine Revolution as well as the subsequent violence as government forces attempted to put down the uprising.

The project aims to reconstruct the street where the violence on 20th February, 2014 took place showing it as it is now using photogrammetry and CGI. Viewers will be able to retract the path the protesters took as they clashed with police. The full story of the Euromaidan will be told using a combination of archival footage, 360-degree video interviews with eyewitnesses and scanned artefacts from the Euromaidan.

The organisers of the project are seeking £7,601 (GBP). As of writing £3,922 has been raised, with fourteen days of the Kickstarter campaign left to go.

Funding tiers range from $15 (USD) for a personal postcard sent from Kyiv’s Independence Square by the filmmakers along with the backer’s name in the film credits, to $50 for a selection of Aftermath VR: Euromaidan posters, $175 for the Euromaiden: History in the Making photo book.

The top tier is set at $2,500 which will get the backer an Associate Producer credit, and exclusive screening of the finished work, a guided tour through Maidan delivered by the creative team and dinner with the team in Kyiv.

A trailer for Aftermath VR: Euromaidan can be viewed below. Further information can be found on the Kickstarter page. For future coverage of VR-related Kickstarter projects, keep checking back with VRFocus.