Try The PupLounge Before You Buy Thanks To Shopify AR And Treat A Dog

Treat A Dog, an innovative pet product company has revealed that is it one of the first e-commerce partners to implement Shopify AR for the pet company’s best-selling PupLounge memory foam pet bed. Thanks to the latest in augmented reality (AR) technology, those thinking of picking up a PupLounge now have the option to be able to see it in their own home and get an idea of how it will look next to the lucky pup owning it without evening downloading an application.

PupLounge Augmented Reality

“How a pet bed will look in your home is always a consideration. Now, thanks to these tech advancements from Shopify and Apple, our customers can try before they buy and see how our PupLounge looks, actual size, anywhere they want in their actual home,” stated David Gimes, founder and CEO of Treat A Dog. “We’re thrilled to be one of the first Shopify customers to implement this easy to use and ground breaking technology to provide a great experience for our customers,” Gimes continued.

The new AR feature in partnership with Shopify works by allowing visitors who access TreatADog.com via the Safari browser on an iOS 12 device to select a PupLounge in the size they desire and then instantly see a perfect 3D image of the product to scale in their home. Thanks to there being no need to download an application it means that the experience is easily accessible to anyone so long as they have an iOS 12 device.

PupLounge Augmented Reality

This news of Treat A Dog implement follows shortly as Shopify announced it was integrating Apple’s latest AR tech to enable the new AR Quick Look feature. This feature is part of the new ARKit 2 tool-set and was introduced at the recent Apple event alongside the new iPhone XS. The feature, and ARKit 2 are integrated into iOS 12 which is why it is required to use the new feature with Treat A Dog.

A video of the new AR feature for the PupLounge can be seen below and for those wondering, the memory foam orthopedic bed is available in four different sizes and prices start at $69 (USD). You can find more information on the PupLounge here and for all things AR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.