TPCAST To Demonstrate Multiplayer Wireless VR

TPCAST will be showcasing its Business Edition wireless adapter at Digility Expo in Germany.

For many users, the wires that connect the virtual reality (VR) headset to the PC rig are an annoyance. In multi-user environments they can be an active danger. While many location-based VR centres use backpack PCs to get around this, it isn’t a perfect solution. Wireless VR company TPCAST will be demonstrating a different way to enjoy VR without wires at the Digility Expo in Cologne, Germany.

TPCAST will be showcasing its wireless VR solution for head-mounted displays (HMDs) with its business edition (BE) wireless adapter at the event, where its multi-user wireless VR solution will be demonstrated.

The TPCAST multi-use wireless VR solution allows for up to 16 people to play simultaneously, while maintaining the 2K quality video of the HTC Vive and a latency of under 2ms. The BE version of the adapter is targeted as multi-user businesses of all types, including medical, education, automotive, real estate and others in addition to videogaming.

“Our multi-user wireless solution offers VR fun for a group of people up to 16. Not only arcades will benefit as wireless multiplayer games give players a true immersive VR experience, but also enterprises can get rid of the cable or backpack laptop introducing VR-based team collaboration” comments Reiner Pes, General Manager TPCAST EMEA.

The adapter kit comes in four parts: The PC transmitter modules, the helmet receive modules, battery power box and a business-class router.

The equipment will be demonstrated at the Digility Expo in Cologne, which is due to take place on 26th-27th September, 2018. TPCAST will be located at Hall 5.1 Stand A4, where demonstrations of the product will take place as TPCAST shows how the wireless adapter allows for a more immersive VR experience in multi-user set-ups.

Further information on the TPCAST Wireless Adapter Business Edition can be found on the TPCAST website. For future coverage on TPCAST and other VR product, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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