TimeFireVR Reveal Content Roadmap For Their VR City And Multiplayer Playground Title Hypatia

Following the re-launch in August to a free-to-play model, independent developer TimeFireVR have revealed that their virtual city and multiplayer playground, virtual reality (VR) title Hypatia will be getting plenty of future content. Shaped by the imagination of its residents, Hypatia was downloaded by over 4,000 players in a matter of days and that was only the beginning of the title.

Through extensive development, careful moderation and regular, continues updates, developer TimeFireVR have worked to build a save, family-friendly world where players can explore their creative side to their fullest potential. By having the freedom to sculpt, paint, curate photographs, perform on stage and interact with others in a number of different online activities, players will be able to impact the evolution of the city itself and begin out it’s artistic side.

To ensure the fun never ends, TimefireVR have revealed Hypatia’s update roadmap to list some of the new content and features that players can expect in the coming months into 2019. This includes:

  • NEXT: Player-owned public property to host social gatherings and contribute new experiences to the community!
  • NEXT: Player-owned private property to purchase and decorate
  • NEXT: The ability to create lavish, permanent voxel-based sculptures
  • NEXT: New musical instruments to make all types of music to your heart’s content
  • NEXT: Set the scene and direct epic in-game movies with props galore!
  • NEXT: Climb structures and see Hypatia from new vantage points
  • FUTURE UPDATE: New landmarks to visit, including an Opera House and Sports Arena
  • FUTURE UPDATE: Adorable and loyal pets and the addition of P2P trading

Hypatia Roadmap

Since it’s initial release the title has seen a number of updates which features quality-of-life fixes and the addition of new items. Players have access to new avatar skins such as the Birdman Angel Bot, the retro hi-fi inspired Vintage Squarebot, and the very summer appropriate, Dipped Ice Cream.

To make the player experience even more exciting, TimeFireVR have announced the new community Double Bit Days event, available now through to Sunday, September 16th. During this time players can earn twice as many bits – Hypatia’s in-game currency – by contributing to the Photography Museum, the Art Studio, the Du Nul Theater, and completing various quests within the title.

Available now on Steam and the Oculus Store with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for free right now. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Hypatia in the future so stay tuned for more.