Things Falling Into Place As Release Date for Tetris Effect Is Revealed [Updated]

For the VRFocus team at E3 this year who got to explore the various virtual reality (VR) offerings available at the show, there was one title that stood out amongst all the others, despite being an adaptation of a 34-year-old videogame. Tetris Effect has been generating buzz in the VR community since it was announced, and now developer Enhance Games have revealed just how long fans need to wait to get absorbed into the Tetris Effect.

Enhance Games became recognised among VR fans for its work on Rez Infinite, another adaptation of a classic title, in that case a VR re-imagining of surreal Dreamcast title Rez. As shown with its trailer, Tetris Effect promises just as much in the way of colour and sound.

The developer revealed on Twitter that the Tetris Effect was set for release on PlayStation 4 on Friday 9th November, 2018. The PlayStation VR was not specifically mentioned, but most analysts think the VR capabilities will be included in this version.

Tetris Effect is said to have some rhythm game elements, bringing a fusion of sound and colour to the familiar action of creating lines of blocks. The player effectively becomes a composer, as the sound made by the blocks s the click into place has an influence on the soundtrack, allowing the user to have more of an effect on the world of Tetris Effect.

According to the developers, the aim was to allow players to lose themselves within the game, as Mark Macdonald, VR Production from Enhance Games explained: “The idea of Tetris Effect is to lose yourself in the game, you know, like the trailer explains there is this thing called the ‘Tetris Effect’ where, it’s like a real studies phenomenon where you keep seeing the pieces, we’ve all had it when your going to sleep or whatever. What we wanted to do is amplify that so when your playing the game you just get completely out of your head, you are just so absorbed in the game that everything else just melts away, especially in VR.”

Tetris Effect

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Update: A correction regarding the date has been made.