The Venture Reality Fund Release Their H1 2018 VR Landscape

Following on from the success of Beat Saber by Beta Games, the Venture Reality Fund has announced that it is releasing its first half 2018 virtual reality (VR) landscape highlighting 10% overall growth. This sees the most activity in location-based entertainment, gaming, enterprise and healthcare, showcasing that VR is continuing to grow in size and success.

Beat Saber Arcade Machine - Screenshot

Beat Saber, which has become one of the fastest selling VR videogames to date and has a large active community, has also moved out of the home environment and into arcades. The Venture Reality Fund notes that the title is now features in 168 arcades in 24 countries with many hosting tournaments, making the title a new entry in the eSports scene. With the PlayStation VR release on the way, the Venture Reality Fund expects the title to be one of the most successful VR videogames to date.

For location-based entertainment the Venture Reality Fund notes that the The VOID and Sandbox VR are continuing to expand, with major sector players such as SPACES and Two Bit Circus having successful launches. This follows on from IMAX VR having closed down two of its locations, even with the sector seeing growth.

Ralph Breaks VR

Touching on the enterprise side of the market, the Venture Reality Fund adds that the sector is seeing VR prove to be a valuable resource providing impressive results for the like’s of Walmart, Wendy’s and other companies. LikeVantage Point are also noted for showing how VR can be used to tackle some of today’s biggest issues including sexual harassment within the workplace. All of this helps to show that the industry and technologies are continuing to grow and provide immersive experiences to consumers around the world.

The Venture Reality Fund focuses on early-stage investments in immersive, spatial and intelligent computing for consumers and enterprises, and as part of their commitment to educating and strengthening the ecosystem, they publish regular VR and augmented reality (AR) landscapes which details growth, emerging terns, and increased international impact, such as the above.

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